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Freedom of information agency templates

These freedom of information agency templates have been developed to guide agencies when communicating with applicants, third parties, other agencies and internally.  The templates can be customised to suit the needs of individual agencies and different circumstances.

The templates use three mechanisms:

Blue highlight indicates options to consider based on different circumstances that may apply to a request. In most instances a blue highlight will indicate that an option should be used and the alternative deleted from the template.

Yellow highlight – indicates information to insert into the template. For example, dates and contextual information.

Purple text box  – provides additional information to explain the kind of information to be inserted into the template and why, with reference to applicable sections of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) and the Professional Standards. These boxes must be deleted from the template before finalising the correspondence.

Each template heading also refers to a related OVIC Practice Note for further guidance on the relevant topic.

See below for templates.

Freedom of information agency templates

Freedom of information request form – section 17

Freedom of information amendment request form – section 39

Transfer of request – notice to an applicant

Transfer of request – notice to an agency

Decision to provide access outside of the FOI Act

Request is valid and can be processed

Request is not valid and requires clarification or payment of fee

Extension of time request

Extension of time notice

Access charges deposit notice

Third party consultation letter – seeking the view of a third party

Section 25A(6) notice and invitation to consult – substantial and unreasonable request

Decision letter – section 27

Decision letter – no documents located

Decision letter – section 25A(1)

Third party notice – Disclsoure of third part information

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