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Gender Equality Action Plan 2022 – 2025

In line with requirements under the Gender Equality Act 2020, OVIC developed its first Gender Equality Action Plan in 2021-22.

This plan outlines OVIC’s vision and strategies for creating a gender diverse and equitable workforce.

Project task To commence In progress Completed
Create cross organisational Gender Equity Working Group with Executive sponsorship
Undertake Privacy Impact Assessment on data required for the Gender Equality Act 2020 and communicate access, use and storage protocols to employees
Develop reporting framework inclusive of key measures across each indicator and implement quarterly reporting to Executive
Undertake assessment of OVIC capacity to meet CGEPS reporting requirements for the Workplace Gender Audit. Develop plan to address barriers that are identified
Implement training for GEAP initiatives for all staff and leaders
Prioritise policies with strong links to the GEAP (Respect in the Workplace, Recruitment & Selection, Flexible Work, OH&S, Internal Complaints) – action plan
Build employee capacity to apply an intersectional gender lens to policies and procedures through training or coaching
Develop OVIC approach to applying an intersectional gender lens to policy and procedures (standard language and inclusions, accountability etc.)
Document key messaging and build commitment to Gender Equality Vision



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