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Strategic Plan

Looking back:
the first four years

OVIC was established to ensure the information rights of Victorians are upheld. These include the right to access government information, the right to information privacy and the right to expect that government will protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of public sector information.

OVIC’s first strategic plan provided a roadmap for embedding in the Victorian public sector a culture that promotes fair access to information while ensuring its proper use and protection.

Much has been achieved in this regard. The Victorian Protective Data Security Framework has been implemented. The public has access to an effective and independent mechanism for seeking review of freedom of Information decisions made by government. The importance of protecting information privacy is now better reflected in how the public sector handles information, especially in light of technological advances.

Looking forward:
a refined focus

OVIC will build on the achievements of the last four years while also engaging more deeply and directly with the people of Victoria.

The last four years has seen considerable resources devoted to OVIC working with agencies to ensure they uphold the information rights of Victorians. This will continue. However, OVIC will now increase its direct engagement with the people of the state. This is important to ensure that citizens understand their information rights and how to exercise them. In turn, what OVIC learns from the experience of the citizens of Victoria will allow it to become a more responsive regulator.

OVIC looks forward to working with the people of Victoria and the public sector in embarking on the next phase of upholding information rights in the state.

Sven Bluemmel
Information Commissioner

Guiding statements

Who we are

We are an independent regulator that protects and upholds the information rights of Victorians.

What we aim for

Our goal is to foster a public sector culture that promotes access to information while ensuring its proper use and protection. We build community trust by empowering Victorians to know and exercise their information rights.

We support the Victorian public sector by

Educating on FOI, privacy and information security matters

Providing guidance on the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework and on efficient and effective information security outcomes

Ensuring fair access to government information

Providing guidance on the Information Privacy Principles

We support the Victorian community by

Helping individuals understand and exercise their privacy rights

Helping individuals understand and exercise their right to access government information

Taking regulatory action in the public interest

Aspirations for 2021 to 2024


OVIC helps Victorians exercise and protect their information rights


  • OVIC earns the public’s trust
  • OVIC engages with the Victorian community and builds public awareness about Victoria’s information rights
  • OVIC provides accessible resources and information


OVIC empowers Victorian agencies to uphold information rights


  • OVIC helps agencies to understand and manage information rights by providing free, high quality training and guidance
  • OVIC encourages agencies to commit to open government through release of information
  • OVIC helps agencies continuously improve their information security
  • OVIC takes regulatory action to promote compliance with FOI, privacy and information security


OVIC is seen by stakeholders as a trusted authority


  • OVIC’s relationships with stakeholders are constructive and based on trust
  • OVIC develops and shares informed and considered views on important and emerging issues


OVIC is a highly effective organisation that delivers on its legislative duties


  • OVIC equips its staff with excellent skills, capabilities, systems and processes
  • OVIC ensures its staff understand and commit to the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014
  • OVIC staff commit to working as “one OVIC” by ensuring that skills are brought together from across teams as required
  • OVIC ensures that its culture is safe and supportive facilitating learning, experimentation, innovation and continuous improvement
  • OVIC staff exemplify the VPS values and Code of Conduct
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