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Victorian Information Security Network

The Victorian Information Security Network (VISN), which seeks to promote the uptake of Victorian Protective Data Security Standards and offers a platform for stakeholders to discuss data protection issues and initiatives. The network is always open to new members.

To join the network, simply email with your name, job title, organisation and email address for us to add you to the group.

We regularly host events and forums as a means to engage with our Victorian Public Sector (VPS) and industry stakeholders. We have delivered a range of sessions and briefings on the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF), as well as targeted events discussing the VPDSF Five Step Action Plan.

Attendees of previous forums have advocated for broader engagement across Victoria and inclusion of partner groups such as local councils and funded agencies in this network. These partner organisations offer support services to, or on behalf of, Victorian Government.

Staff from public sector organisations and partnering entities are encouraged to attend these free events to gain a better understanding of what the VPDSF means for your organisation and practical measures to secure its information.

Note that industry stakeholders are offered alternative sessions to attend.

Past events and presentations

February 2018 – Round 3 covered understanding and applying the VPDSF Assurance Model (Steps 3, 4, and 5 of the VPDSF 5 Step Action Plan)

  • download a copy of the presentation slides
  • watch this presentation

September 2017 – Topic 1: Identify your information assets (Information Asset Register – IAR) & Topic 2: Determine the value of this information (Business Impact Levels – BILs)

March 2017 – High level briefing on the VPDSF and introduction of the 5 Step Action Plan

  • download a copy of the presentation slides

December 2016 – High level briefing on the VPDSF and introduction of the 5 Step Action Plan

December 2016 – Private industry forum (attendees from private industry, research and educational bodies, local councils and funded agencies)

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