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Documents and publications we produce

Our documents and publications

The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) prepares and produces a diverse range of documents and publications. These documents include:

  • publicly available guides, information sheets, templates, reports, policies, products and other tools;
  • internal documents relating to our regulatory functions including review and complaint files, memos, briefs, legal advice, case notes, training and events records, correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, protective data security plans and attestations, and investigation, examination and audit reports and records;
  • internal operational documents including recruitment and employee records, correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, memos, briefs, legal advice, correspondence, project plans and briefs, and corporate governance records;
  • reports and advice prepared by external consultants, third parties, and other organisations.

Publicly available documents falling within these categories can be accessed on our website through the links below or by using the website search function.

If you need assistance finding a document or publication, or you think something is missing please contact us.

Annual reports

The Information Commissioner is required to report annually on the performance and exercise of the Information Commissioner’s functions and powers under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (PDP Act) and the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (FOI Act).

The annual report must also contain a report on the operation of the FOI Act in Victoria for that financial year.

Visit the Annual Reports section on our website to access these publications.

Guidance and resources

You can access all of OVIC’s guidance and resources on our website:


OVIC makes submissions on government initiatives or proposals at a state and federal level that impact on freedom of information, information privacy or information security. These submissions seek to ensure the community’s expectations for their information rights are considered in the implementation of new projects and reforms.

Visit the submissions section on our website to download or view our submissions.

Research and reports

OVIC produces and commissions a range of research and reports on matters that relate to freedom of information, information privacy, and information security.

Visit the research and reports section of our website to read and download these publications. See also reports and advice prepared by external consultants, third parties, and other organisations.

Regulatory action

OVIC has regulatory powers to undertake investigations, examinations and audits of Victorian public sector organisations.

Visit the regulatory action section of our website to access our regulatory action policy, regulatory priorities, and investigations, audits and examinations reports.

News and media

OVIC publishes a range of digital communications including a monthly newsletter, latest news, blog posts, social media and video content with the latest freedom of information, privacy, and data protection news and updates.

See below for a list of news and media publications:

Visit the News and Media section on our website to access these publications.

Internal policies, procedures and registers

OVIC maintains a number of policies and procedures used to make decisions or provide advice, as well as corporate registers and policies.

Visit the Internal policies, procedures and registers section on our website to see a list of these documents.

The AIAC is comprised of independent Information Commissioners and Ombudsmen of Australia and New Zealand who have oversight responsibilities, under their respective state and national jurisdictions, for access to government information laws.

See below for meeting communiques:


15 March – Information Commissioners and Ombudsman look to the future: embracing innovation and strengthening independence (.docx)


3 November (Word document download)




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