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Victorian Privacy Network

The Victorian Privacy Network brings together privacy professionals from across Victoria.

The Victorian Privacy Network provides an opportunity for privacy and information management professionals to hear from guest speakers, network, and learn from each other’s experiences.

This network is open to professionals in any sector who work directly in privacy and information management, or who simply have an interest in the area. Meetings are held twice a year. Guest speakers will be invited to talk on topical issues, and members are also welcome to present on their work or other privacy-related matters that may be of interest to the network.

Join the Victorian Privacy Network

To join the Victorian Privacy Network visit this page.

Presentations from past Victorian Privacy Network meetings


26 October 2022

Lessons on recent data breaches

Victorian Privacy Network meeting recording

16 March 2022

How do you put a price on a breach – compensation in privacy complaints

De-identification: Risks, benefits, how to do it right

Victorian Privacy Network meeting recording


11 November 2021

Victorian Privacy Network meeting recording

24 March 2021

Download the presentation slides


22 October 2020

OAIC – Privacy challenges of contact tracing

OVIC – Information Commissioner opening address and OVIC update

CIRCA – Presentation on Aboriginal Privacy Project Insights Report

OVIC Investigations and Assurance Team – Presentation on OVIC’s examination into the use of apps and web-based learning tools

OVIC Privacy Guidance Team – Presentation on privacy complaints at OVIC

12 March 2020

Download the presentation slides


9 October 2019

Public Record Office Victoria – Presentation on recordkeeping and privacy

OVIC – Presentation on cloud services

10 April 2019

OVIC – Presentation on Regulatory approach and policy

Salinger Privacy – Tips and tricks to enhancing transparency in personal information management

Department of Health and Human Services – Child and family violence information sharing schemes


21 November 2018

Victorian Auditor-General’s Office – Presentation on CCTV audit

OVIC Information Security Team – Presentation on Reasonable steps

Health Complaints Commissioner – Presentation on health privacy


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