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VPDSF resources

This page contains downloadable resources to assist you in understanding the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF). The documents available on this page are inter-linked and should not be read in isolation. They each form part of a suite of supporting guides and resources on the VPDSF. You can also watch our VPDSF videos for helpful explanations. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Start with our introductory videos if you are new to information security or the VPDSF.

Victorian Protective Data Security Framework

Victorian Protective Data Security Framework

Does the VPDSF apply to your organisation?

Overview of the VPDSF and the 5 step action plan

The 5 step action plan

Glossary of terms used in the VPDSF 

Embedding security into your organisation

Victorian Protective Data Security Standards

Victorian Protective Data Security Standards

Posters: Visual representation of the standards 

How to read the ‘VPDSS Plan, Do, Check, Act’ visual 

Control reference links 

Rosetta Stone – core and supplementary

Security management framework (SMF) template

Victorian Information Security Management Collection (Under Review)

The Information Security Management Collection is being updated to reflect the new business impact levels (BIL) and protective markings published in February 2019. Until this updated collection is published, agencies can continue use the current collection but refer to the new BIL table and protective markings published by OVIC.

Information security management collection

Chapter 1 – Appendix A – Sample questions and example information assets

Chapter 1 – Appendix C – Information Asset considerations

Chapter 1 – Appendix D – Suggested Information Management roles and responsibilities

Chapter 2 – Appendix A – Stages of the Information value assessment process

Chapter 2 – Appendix B – VPDSF Business Impact Level (BIL) Table

Chapter 2 – Appendix C – BIL Mobile App

Chapter 3 – Appendix A – Relationship between protective markings

Chapter 3 – Appendix B – Common Protective Markings employed by each State and Territory

Chapter 3 – Appendix C – Ready reckoner: How to select an appropriate protective marking

Sample information asset register template

2019 Protective Markings and Business Impact Levels

VPDSF Business Impact Level Table v2.0

VPDSF Protective Markings Flowchart (Ready Reckoner) and Mapping Old to New Protective Markings V2.1 (June 2019)


VPDSF Assurance collection

VPDSS Self assessment template

VPDSF Detailed Protective Data Security Plan template

VPDSS Elements

Fact Sheet – Top Questions for the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) members

High-Level Protective Data Security Plans

Introductory letter

Attestation and reporting options

Template option 1 – High level PDSP (single organisation)

Template option 2 – High level PDSP (multiple organisations)

PDSP submission options

Example Templates

Internal Security Management Framework

Internal Information Security Policy

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