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Business impact level app

As official information is created, the originator of the material is required to assess potential business impacts if the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the information were compromised.

To assist users in performing this assessment, we have created a BIL App. The BIL app is available online, and also via a mobile app, downloadable onto your mobile device from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

The impact categories and consequence statements outlined under the VPDSF Business Impact Level (BIL) table are reflected in the app.

You can access the BIL web app here, or see further information on the BIL mobile app here.

For more details on the information assessment process and protective markings, please refer to the VPDSF resources.

Navigation in the app

The home page of the BIL app presents users with 2 main options:

  • ‘Commence assessment’
  • ‘Before you start’

We encourage first time users of the app to familiarise themselves with the app navigation set out at the ‘Before you start’ button.

Users can also access a Menu by clicking on the top right hand menu icon. The menu contains links to:

  • Home
  • Info
    • About
    • Help
    • Privacy
    • Copyright
  • Commence assessment

Using the app

Individuals who complete an information assessment using the app are provided a summary that identifies:

  • what protective marking(s) are to be applied to the official information they have assessed; and
  • whether additional security measures are needed to protect the integrity and availability of the material (these security measures are beyond those established by the protective marking).

Users who finalise their assessment are also presented with the option of emailing the results to themselves. This email results option uses the default mail client installed on individuals device and sends users a summary of their recent information assessment. We recommend this summary be retained as a record of the information assessment.

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