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Regulatory networks

International Conference of Information Commissioners

The International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC) includes Information Commissioners and Ombudsmen from across the globe who meet regularly to discuss issues related to the protection and promotion of the right to public information for the benefit of citizens. OVIC became a member of ICIC in September 2019.

Association of Information Access Commissioners

The Association of Information Access Commissioners (AIAC) is a forum for Information Commissioners and Ombudsmen to discuss information access issues across Australia and New Zealand, share insights on open government trends and exchange ideas for implementing best practice in access to information. The AIAC meet twice a year.

Privacy Authorities Australia

Privacy Authorities Australia (PAA) is a bi-annual forum for Privacy Commissioners around Australia to connect and share ideas, developments and resources to improve their collective information privacy capability.

Privacy Authorities Australia – Policy Group

In 2018, the PAA Policy Group was established – a subgroup of the PAA. The Policy Group allows policy officers to discuss privacy matters of common interest, share experiences and exchange ideas to encourage peer to peer learning.

Privacy Authorities Australia – Complaints and Enforcement Group

In 2019, the PAA Complaints and Enforcement Group (PAACE) was established, which is a cross-jurisdictional complaint and enforcement working group. The group aims to improve cooperation between authorities in relation to complaint handling, provide appropriate mutual assistance in the enforcement of laws protecting privacy and foster closer working relationships between authorities at the officer level.

Global Privacy Assembly

Formerly the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) is an international forum for data protection and privacy authorities. It seeks to provide leadership at a global level in data protection and privacy. It also facilitates cooperation and sharing of knowledge to enable privacy authorities to better perform their functions. OVIC also participates in the GPA Policy Strategy Working Group.

Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities

Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) is the principal forum for privacy and data protection regulators from across the Asia Pacific to form partnerships, exchange policy and regulatory experiences and discuss emerging technology and global privacy trends. APPA members convene twice a year.

Global Privacy Enforcement Network

The Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) promotes international cross-border cooperation among privacy authorities in the enforcement of laws protecting privacy. Members exchange information about relevant issues, trends and experiences and share best practice in addressing cross-border challenges.

GPEN hosts monthly teleconferences for members to present on current privacy issues. GPEN also conduct annual sweeps to coordinate a global analysis of organisations’ privacy practices. Read reports from GPEN sweeps OVIC participated in.

Common Thread Network

Established in October 2014, the Common Thread Network is a forum for data protection and privacy authorities of Commonwealth countries. It was set up to promote cross-border cooperation and build capacity by sharing knowledge on emerging trends, regulatory changes and best practice for effective data protection.


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