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Stakeholder Engagement Survey

To measure the effectiveness of our engagement activities in 2019, we deployed our first online survey to Victorian public sector organisations. The survey results established a benchmark, where future results can be assessed and measured against.

The survey comprised three key branches:

  • freedom of information;
  • privacy; and
  • information security.


Our second annual stakeholder engagement survey was conducted in October 2020.

We received a total of 331 responses including:

  • 115 on freedom of information (FOI);
  • 100 on information privacy; and
  • 116 on information security.

Despite being conducted during COVID-19 restrictions with VPS agency staff working remotely, the response rate was slightly higher than the original survey in 2019.

Research Insights

  • OVIC is seen as a trusted advisor and source of expertise on FOI, privacy, and data protection. 10 out of 20 performance measures improved from last year;
  • the quality of OVIC’s input to conciliate or achieve early resolution in FOI complaints or disputes increased from 67.2% to 83.5% in 2020;
  • for a second year OVIC was seen as a source of high quality information and education activities. Of the four measures on education, three increased compared to 2019 results. Face-to-face training results decreased from 2019 reflecting the impact of COVID-19 restrictions. However, there was a 10.5% increase in online training participation and live streaming of FOI Information Access Seminars;
  • stakeholders reported having a reasonable understanding of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)(FOI Act) and Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (PDP Act). There was a negligible drop in 6 of the 9 of these measures;
  • perceptions of OVIC’s role in encouraging increasing public access to information measures for shifting agency attitudes towards public access to information increased. 3 of these 6 reported increases;
  • internal support for privacy officers within their organisations grew 3% compared to 2019; and
  • out of six information security measures, four improved in 2020. The greatest change was a 6.9% increase in managers actively encouraging staff to understand and apply the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework to their work activities.

Next Steps

Research insights will be applied to OVIC’s 2021-22 engagement plans and inform the development of OVIC’s 2021-24 Strategic Plan.

2021 Survey

In October 2021, the annual wave of the stakeholder engagement survey will be deployed across VPS agencies. For more information contact


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