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Stakeholder Engagement Survey

To measure the effectiveness of our engagement activities we deploy an annual online survey to Victorian public sector (VPS) organisations.

The results from the 2019 survey established a benchmark where future results are assessed and measured against.

The survey comprises questions across OVIC’s functional areas:

  • freedom of information;
  • privacy; and
  • information security.

Our third annual stakeholder engagement survey was conducted in October 2021.


In 2021, we received a total of 340 responses including:

  • 137 on freedom of information (FOI);
  • 99 on information privacy; and
  • 104 on information security.

Despite being conducted during COVID-19 restrictions with VPS agency staff working remotely, the response rate was slightly higher than the 2020 survey.


OVIC is seen as a trusted advisor and source of expertise on FOI, privacy, and data protection

In 2021, 10 out of the total 12 performance measures improved compared to 2020.

The top three positive gains included:

  • the clarity of OVIC’s written decisions or responses (a 12.9% increase to 90.6%);
  • the ease of understanding complaints (a 7.4% increase to 93.8%); and
  • independence and impartiality (a 6.9% increase to 91.4%).

OVIC is seen as a source of high-quality information and education activities

In 2021, there were increases in all four measures under information and education activities. The top ranked measure was the quality of information and publications on the OVIC website.

Agencies have an improved understanding of their obligations and OVIC’s role

In 2021, all nine performance measures in this category improved when compared to 2020 results.

The largest increases were achieved in:

  • support for OVIC’s role as an independent regulator (an increase of 8.7% to 90.3%); and
  • support for OVIC’s role in developing an improved culture with respect to different legislative areas (an increase of 6.3% to 87.6%).

Agency perception of OVIC’s role in encouraging increasing public access to information strengthened

In 2021, there were increases in all 7 related measures when compared to 2020 results.

The top 3 increases were achieved in:

  • agencies considering the implications of FOI when designing and conducting agency business activities (an increase of 9.8%);
  • a diverse range of agency staff taking ownership of the legislative area and not just a single staff member (an increase of 9.2%); and
  • managers actively encouraging staff to comply with legislative requirements (an increase of 8.4%).

Agencies are being more proactive about protecting personal privacy

In 2021, the largest increase in this category involved managers considering the implications of information privacy when designing and conducting agency business activities (an increase of 11.9% since 2020 to 94.9%).

Agencies have improved information security maturity

In 2021, of the six information security measures, five improved. The greatest change was a 5.6% increase in staff considering the implication of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) when designing and conducting agency business.


Research insights informed the development and implementation of OVIC’s 2021-24 Strategic Plan.

They will also be applied to OVIC’s 2022-23 engagement plans.


In October 2022, the annual stakeholder engagement survey was deployed across VPS agencies. If you work for a VPS agency you can complete the survey. For more information contact




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