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Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner commences audit of information security value assessments in the Victorian public sector

Victoria’s Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner has commenced an audit of the practices of four Victorian public sector (VPS) organisations against the Victorian Protective Data Security Standards (VPDSS).

The VPDSS establish 12 high level mandatory requirements to protect public sector information across all security areas including governance, information, personnel, Information Communications Technology and physical security.

The focus of the audit will be on assessing organisations’ adherence to Standard 2 of the VPDSS. Standard 2 requires VPS organisations to identify and assess the security value of public sector information. Understanding Standard 2 provides the basis for interpreting many of the other standards.

The purpose of the audit is to ensure that organisations holding valuable information use consistent identification and assessment criteria across the information’s lifecycle to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

At the conclusion of the audit the Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner will prepare a report outlining the findings.

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