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Freedom of information arrangements

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (FOI Act) provides you with the right to request access to documents held by the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner.

The object of the Act is to extend as far as possible the right of the community to access information in the possession of the Government and other bodies constituted under the law of Victoria.

Please note that under section 6AA of the FOI Act you cannot apply for access to a document that is the subject of, or discloses information that relates to a review under Part IV of the FOI Act, a complaint under Part VIA of the FOI Act, or an investigation.

Under section 90 of the Privacy and Data Protection Act, you also cannot apply for access to a protective data security plan provided to the Information Commissioner by an organisation in accordance with Part 4 of that Act.

Before you make a request for access

You are encouraged to check if the information or document you are seeking is already publicly available such as in our annual report, policies and procedures, resources, or via

Where you cannot find the information or document you are seeking, we encourage you to contact us and ask if the information or document you are seeking is available or can be provided to you. In many instances we will be able to provide you with the information you are seeking without requiring you to make a formal request for access.

Making a request for access

You can make formal request for access by emailing, or alternatively you can apply online.

A request must be made in writing, and clearly describe the information or document you are seeking access to. If we cannot clearly identify the information or documents you are requesting, we will contact you to clarify your request.

Processing your request

Once we understand what information or document you are seeking, we will process your request and provide you with a decision as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after the date of your request. Note that we may extend the 30 day period by up to an additional 15 days if consultation with third parties is required.

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