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Investigations, Audits & Examinations

OVIC has a number of investigative functions

  • Examine and audit — OVIC may examine the practices or audit the records of a regulated body to assess compliance with the IPPs. OVIC may conduct an examination or audit as a periodic assurance tool, to assess a potential privacy breach or to better understand an issue.
  • Investigate and issue a Compliance Notice — Where OVIC identifies serious, flagrant or repeated breaches of the IPPs, OVIC may investigate and issue a Compliance Notice. A Compliance Notice is a notice requiring the regulated body to take specified action within a specified time to remedy breaches and comply with IPPs and the PDP Act.
  • Investigate on own motion – OVIC can investigate how regulated bodies comply with the FOI Act.

This page contains reports of investigations, audits, and examinations.

Reports published by OVIC

Reports published by OVIC predecessor agencies

Global Privacy Enforcement Network Sweep Reports

Every year, privacy regulators from around the world conduct a ‘Sweep’ to coordinate a global analysis of organisations’ privacy practices.

You can view and download our Global Privacy Enforcement Network sweep reports by following the links below.


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