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Victorian Information Commissioner releases survey results on community attitudes on access to government information

Findings show Victorians increasingly value their right to access government information

Today, the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) has released findings of the third study of Victorian community attitudes on access to government information.

The 2022 Information Access Community Attitudes Study measures the Victorian community’s awareness of their right to access government information, and their experiences and outcomes in exercising that right.

Key findings include:

  • The importance of having the right to access information is consistently recognised by Victorian respondents (91% in 2022, 90% in 2021, 90% in 2019);
  • Most respondents (83%) agreed that public access to government information improves government transparency and accountability;
  • Most respondents were aware of their right to access information from government departments/agencies, although there was a slightly lower response than in 2021 (76% in 2022, 81% in 2021, 85% in 2019);
  • 31% of respondents had attempted to access information held by at least one of the government agencies listed in the past year. Most of these respondents found out about their right through word of mouth; and
  • The majority of respondents (73%) successfully accessed the information they requested (78% in 2021, and 75% in 2019). However, agency’s helpfulness could be improved. Similarly, agencies do not always provide the advice and assistance that respondents seek.

“The findings of the community attitudes study provide my office with an understanding of attitudes and experiences of members of the community in their awareness of and exercising their right to access government information” said Information Commissioner Sven Bluemmel.

“The survey results are also a timely reminder on the eve of International Access to Information Day of the beneficial nature of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) and the obligation on agencies and Ministers to facilitate and promote, promptly and at the lowest reasonable cost, the disclosure of information”.

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