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COVID-19 response from Australian privacy regulators


Privacy Commissioners and Ombudsmen around the country appreciate that individuals, organisations and government are facing significant challenges to stop the spread of COVID-19. The use of personal information is part of addressing this public health crisis.

Privacy laws at the State, Territory and Federal level contain mechanisms to permit the exchange of critical information in these circumstances. Those laws also require that personal information is handled in a way that is reasonably necessary to prevent and manage COVID-19 and is protected.

As entities move fast to find solutions to public health and economic problems, Privacy Commissioners and Ombudsmen reiterate the value of conducting short-form Privacy Impact Assessments to help ensure personal information is handled in a way that is necessary, reasonable and proportionate.

We have convened a National COVID-19 Privacy Team between the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and states and territories with privacy laws to respond to proposals with national implications.

  • Angelene Falk
    Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner
  • Sven Bluemmel
    Information Commissioner, Victoria
  • Samantha Gavel
    Privacy Commissioner, New South Wales
  • Rachael Rangihaeata
    Information Commissioner, Queensland
  • Philip Green
    Privacy Commissioner, Queensland
  • Richard Connock
    Ombudsman, Tasmania
  • Peter Shoyer
    Information Commissioner, Northern Territory
  • Simon Froude
    Director, State Records, Privacy Committee of South Australia

More information

Find more information on conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment including OVIC’s PIA template, and accompanying guidance.

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