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Class B cemetery trust stakeholders


The Attestation for 2022 is included in the 2022 Protective Data Security Plan (PDSP) form.

Protective Data Security Plan

Class B Cemetery Trusts have a responsibility to effectively identify and manage information security risks across the information lifecycle.

To do this, cemetery trusts must document any information security risks relating to the management of its information. This is called the Security Risk Profile Assessment (SRPA) process.

When completing the 2022 PDSP, consider the activities undertaken during the 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2022 reporting period.

Organisations are expected to submit a copy of a PDSP to OVIC between 1 July 2022 – 31 August 2022.

Download: 2022 Class B Cemetery Trust PDSP form (including Attestation)

If you are a VPS agency or Class A Cemetery Trust, please visit this page to access the relevant PDSP form.

Download: 2022 Protective Data Security Plan (PDSP) How-to Guide

This document provides detailed guidance on completing the Class B Cemetery Trust Protective Data Security Plan.

Department of Health Cemetery Sector Governance Support

Visit the Department of Health Cemetery Sector Governance Support page.

Significant change

If your cemetery trust has experienced a significant change to its operations resulting in new or changed risks to its information please contact us.

Incident notification

Cemetery trusts should notify OVIC of any compromises (incidents) to their information. Read more about incident notification.

If you are unsure whether you have experienced an incident, or if you are unsure how to notify OVIC, please contact us.

Information security resources

For tips and guidance developed specifically for Class B Cemetery Trusts to help protect cemetery trust information from being lost, destroyed, or compromised please go to the Information Security Tips For Class B Cemetery Trusts web page.

To find out more about the Class B reporting requirements, including an example of how to complete a requirement, please look at the Class B Cemetery Trust 2022 Reporting – May Presentation slides.

You can also watch a recording of the Information Security Unit explaining the Class B Cemetery Trust reporting requirements for 2022.

Contact us

Please call (03) 8684 1616 or email



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