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Public Access Agency Reference Group

In March 2018, OVIC established the Public Access Agency Reference Group, comprising representatives from across government to engage with agencies about OVIC’s work and agencies’ experiences, operating environments and ideas regarding the operation and administration of the FOI Act.

This exchange of information informs our initiatives to support agencies in administering the FOI Act.

The Reference Group meets quarterly and operates under Terms of Reference. It is attended and chaired by the Information Commissioner and Public Access Deputy Commissioner.

Terms of Reference
Minutes – 25 May 2020
Minutes – 15 April 2020
Minutes – 30 March 2020
Minutes – 25 November 2019
Minutes – 26 August 2019
Minutes – 27 May 2019
Minutes – 25 March 2019
Minutes – 29 November 2018
Minutes – 16 August 2018
Minutes – 18 April 2018
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