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Strategic Plan


Information is the lifeblood of society. The way that government and public servants handle it impacts people on an individual level, as well as society as a whole. On a personal level, the ability to exercise control over our personal information is essential to the development of one's identity, sense of self and how we interact with each other and the government. On a societal level, the very functioning of government and democracy rely on the ability for information to be collected, stored, used and shared securely.

When used and shared appropriately, information can enable governments to make informed decisions and provide better policy and service responses to the issues of the day. These objectives must be achieved while ensuring that Victorians' information privacy is respected and information in the hands of government and the public sector is protected from misuse and inappropriate disclosure.

Just as important, a meaningful right for the public to access information is crucial in ensuring government accountability and transparency.

This three year strategic plan provides a roadmap for OVIC as we seek to embed in the Victorian public sector a culture that promotes fair access to information while ensuring its proper use and protection.

Sven Bluemmel
Information Commissioner
> Guiding statements
> Aspirations A culture that promotes fair access to information while ensuring its proper use and protection.

Guiding statements

Who we are

We are an independent regulator established to protect the information rights of the Victorian community.

We ensure fair access to public sector information and its proper use and protection.

What we aim for

Our goal is to embed in the Victorian public sector a culture that promotes fair access to information while ensuring its proper use and protection.

We aim to build community trust in government's handling of information.

We aim to be forthright yet constructive and respectful

We support Victorians by

Overseeing access
to government information

information privacy

Advising on
lawful information sharing

Promoting effective

We commit to being

Open and

Proactive and

Driven to
do our best



Aspirations for 2019 to 2021


  • OVIC staff have the skills and capabilities to deliver
  • OVIC staff demonstrate our commitments in their day-to-day actions
  • The OVIC culture is one of learning, experimentation and continuous improvement
  • OVIC demonstrates excellence in its key functions, with effective systems and processes embedded


  • Privacy is considered and managed during government policy development and the legislative process
  • Agencies are demonstrating a commitment to open government through increased release of information, both in response to FOI requests and informally
  • Victorian government agencies are continually improving their data security
  • There is an effective assurance program in place
  • Quality training and information is available for agencies at no or little cost


  • OVIC has positive and effective relationships with stakeholders
  • OVIC has developed and shared a considered view on important and emerging information issues based on evidence


  • OVIC engages with the Victorian community on key information issues and provides up-to-date resources that are easy to understand
  • OVIC has built public awareness about Victoria's information access practices
  • Agency practices relating to information are trusted by the Victorian community
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