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Shareable resources

Here are some resources you can distribute in your organisation to raise privacy awareness and develop a culture of respecting privacy.

Information Privacy Principles (IPPs)

IPP 2 Pocket Guide

This pocket guide provides a handy summary of IPP 2, its primary purpose rule, all the exceptions and some key tips when using and disclosing personal information.

It is a quick reference tool which you can share with your colleagues, particularly those who frequently handle personal information.

Preventing data breaches

Tips to reduce data breaches when sending emails

This information sheet provides practical tips you can send to your colleagues to consider when sending emails to reduce the likelihood of inadvertently disclosing personal information.

Privacy and security when working remotely

This information sheet provides practical tips you can send to your colleagues to consider when working remotely to ensure that they appropriately handle personal information when doing so.

What are phishing attacks and how to protect against them?

This information sheet explains what phishing attempts are; how you and your colleagues can identify them; and what steps you and your colleagues can take to protect against them. The information sheet also includes tips that you can implement at an organisational level to protect against phishing attacks.

General privacy awareness

Privacy awareness animated resources, posters and more

Every year, as part of Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) OVIC produces and releases a variety of resources which are aimed at providing privacy tips and raising awareness. The information in these resources is still relevant today, so feel free to share them with your colleagues:


6 animated videos which briefly touch on a variety of topics such as privacy obligations when collecting, using or disclosing personal information; what to do when things go wrong; and other general privacy tips.


These provide easily digestible information on privacy rights; privacy governance; privacy tips; and data breaches.

Preventing data breaches and Preventing data breaches tip sheet

Privacy Governance in your organisation and Privacy Governance in your organisation tip sheet

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