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Privacy Case Notes

OVIC publishes case notes of decisions by the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and the Supreme Court of Victoria that relate to the interpretation of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (PDP Act).

These case notes provide a summary of key facts, findings and learnings from each case that may be relevant to organisations.


Kerig v Victoria University (Human Rights) [2021] VCAT 532


McLean v Racing Victoria Ltd [2020] VSCA 234 (10 September 2020)

Kerig v Victoria University [2020] VCAT 469 (28 April 2020)

Tucker v State Revenue Office (Human Rights) [2020] VCAT 53 (17 January 2020)

Kaliszewski v Department of Justice and Community Safety (Human Rights) [2020] VCAT 27 (8 January 2020)


McLean v Racing Victoria Ltd [2019] VSC 690 (18 October 2019)


Zeqaj v Victoria Police (Human Rights) [2018] VCAT 1733 (20 November 2018)



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