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Guidelines to the Information Privacy Principles

The former Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner published the Guidelines to the Information Privacy Principles (‘Guidelines’) in 2011.

The Guidelines explain how the Information Privacy Principles (‘Principles’) should be applied.

Update to Guidelines

Throughout 2018 and 2019, OVIC will be updating the Guidelines to reflect developments since 2011. OVIC will also be working to make the Guidelines simpler and easier to use.

You can follow the progress of the Guidelines update on this web page.

How you can be involved

We would like to hear from you. We would welcome any suggestions from you about the Guidelines, for example:

  • changes that could be made to the Guidelines to make them easier to use; or
  • parts of the Guidelines that you think should be updated.

Please provide your suggestions to

For those of you that are users of the Guidelines and are interested in being involved in this project, OVIC has created a Guideline Users Reference Group. The Reference Group as a whole will be consulted on the draft chapters of the Guidelines. The views of individual members of the Reference Group may be sought during the update process where members have relevant expertise or interests.

If you are a user of the Guidelines, and would like to be involved in their update, please send an email to

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