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OVIC Stakeholder Engagement Measurement Survey

Effective engagement with public sector agencies has been a key priority for OVIC since establishment in September 2017 – as the primary regulator and source of independent advice to the community and Victorian government about how the public sector collects, uses and shares information.

Over the past twelve months OVIC developed a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to guide our engagement activities and complement our Strategic Plan. Our goal is to embed in the Victorian public sector a culture that promotes fair access to information while ensuring its proper use and protection. We aim to build community trust in government’s handling of information.

In order to measure and assess the effectiveness of our activities a survey has been developed and will be deployed across Victorian Public Sector agencies seeking your views on the important work that OVIC undertakes to support and encourage the appropriate collection, use and sharing of information and data.

This will include all agencies involved in the implementation of the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF) and information security, privacy and those processing FOI request applications.

The survey comprises three key branches:

  • FOI;
  • privacy;
  • information security.

You will be asked to complete the section which applies to the area with which your agency has most frequent interaction.

A representative sample from all levels and roles – staff member, manager and executives will be surveyed across government to ensure we have a statistically valid representative data set.

Survey results will be gathered in aggregated form only to enhance communication, help us set our strategic priorities and inform the design of future engagement activities to drive innovation. The first year that the survey is completed will form a benchmark against which future results can be assessed and measured.

Remember to look out for the survey in September. Take the time to shape our future presentations, forums and education undertakings.

For more information contact Simone Martin, Senior Manager, Communication and Education on email or 8684 7585.

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