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FOI Complaints

In Victoria, you have the right to make a complaint to OVIC about how your freedom of information (FOI) complaint was handled.

The average amount of time to complete a complaint is 80 days, however most complaints are dealt with in less time.

The following steps outline the process of making an FOI complaint to OVIC and how OVIC may respond.

What you can expect from OVIC

  • We will act independently and without bias;
  • We will treat you with respect and listen to your concerns;
  • We will deal with your complaint in private;
  • We will do our best to resolve your complaint informally and as quickly as possible;
  • We aim to reach resolutions that are suitable to both parties;
  • We will be open and honest about what we can and cannot do in dealing with your complaint; and
  • We will be upfront with you when we feel your complaint has been pursued to its fullest extent and provide you with an opportunity to provide further information.

What OVIC expects from you

  • We ask that you treat us with respect and communicate with us politely;
  • We ask that you respond to our enquiries within specified timeframes;
  • We ask that you respect our functions and powers under the FOI Act;
  • We ask that you consider any resolution options with an open mind; and
  • We ask that you assist us in resolving your complaint in good faith.
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