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Freedom of information agency practice notes

These practice notes provide detailed guidance on how the Freedom of Information Act 1982 should be administered and how the Professional Standards should be interpreted.

We have also developed customisable agency templates to guide agencies when communicating with applicants, third parties, other agencies and internally.

Freedom of information practice notes

Practice Note 1: The Professional Standards

Practice Note 2: Proactive release of information

Practice Note 3: Receiving an access request – valid requests and early considerations

Practice Note 4: Processing a request for an amendment of personal records

Practice Note 6: Informal release of information

Practice Note 7: Routine requests for information and documents

Practice Note 8: Timeframes and extensions of time when processing an access request

Practice Note 9: What is a document and what is actual or constructive possession?

Practice Note 10: Conducting a thorough and diligent search

Practice Note 11: Estimating and calculating access charges

Practice Note 12: Practicability and third-party consultation and notification

Practice Note 13: Substantial and unreasonable requests – section 25A(1)

Practice Note 14: Requests for documents that are obviously exempt – section 25A(5)

Practice Note 15: Drafting a freedom of information decision letter

Practice Note 16: How to assist the freedom of information complaints process

Practice Note 17: How to assist the freedom of information review process

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