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‘FH2’ and VicForests (Freedom of Information) [2023] VICmr 73 (14 July 2023)

Date of decision:14 July 2023
Citation:‘FH2’ and VicForests (Freedom of Information) [2023] VICmr 73 (14 July 2023)
Headnote:FREEDOM OF INFORMATION – forest management – [named] State Forest – memorandums of understanding – heads of agreements – all correspondence – survey responses – coupe plans – harvesting schedules – all information – consultation requirements under section 25A(6) – substantial and unreasonable diversion of agency resources from its other operations
Sections in the FOI Act:25A(1)
Download this file:‘FH2 and VicForests Freedom of Information 2023 VICmr 73 14 July 2023 - PDF (347 KB)
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