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‘FC6’ and Victoria Police (Freedom of Information) [2023] VICmr 32 (21 April 2023)

Date of decision:21 April 2023
Agency:Victoria Police
Citation:'FC6' and Victoria Police (Freedom of Information) [2023] VICmr 32 (21 April 2023)
Headnote:FREEDOM OF INFORMATION – law enforcement documents – police records – Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP) – incident report – CCTV footage – body-worn camera footage – police investigation – alleged criminal offence – personal affairs information of third party – unreasonable disclosure of personal affairs information – internal working documents – contrary to public interest – information communicated in confidence – reasonably impair agency to obtain similar information – secrecy provision – Surveillance Devices Act 1999 (Vic)
Sections in the FOI Act:30, 31(1)(a), 31(1)(d), 33(1), 35(1)(b), 38
Download this file:FC6 and Victoria Police Freedom of Information 2023 VICmr 32 21 April 2023 - PDF (928 KB)
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