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Protective Data
Security Framework


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ISBN 978-0-6486723-6-4

VPDSF Document Details

wdt_ID &nbsp &nbsp
1 Protective Marking N/A
2 Approved for unlimited public release Yes – Authorised for release
3 Release Date February 2020
4 Review Date February 2021
5 Document Version 2.0
6 Authority Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC)
7 Author Information Security Unit – OVIC

VPDSF Changelog

wdt_ID Version Publish Date Amendments in this section
1 1.0 June 2016 N/A
2 1.1 March 2018 • Change references of ‘Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection’ to ‘Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner’
• Change references of ‘CPDP’ to ‘OVIC’
• Change references of ‘PDPA’ to ‘PDP Act’
• Replace ‘Foreword’ with new Deputy Commissioner’s foreword
• Insert new section on Victoria Police and the Crime Statistics Agency
• Removed reference to annual security attestation in section 12
• Change ‘protocol’ descriptor
• Insert reference to ‘elements’
• Insert reference to Part 5 – Assurance Model in section 17 for more information
• Insert reference to Enterprise Solutions Branch in Section 19
• Remove ‘sensitive and significant (valuable)’ in section 20
• Updates to some control references
• Change Part 5 – Assurance Model – various including revised reporting obligations
• Insert new section on single/multiple organisation reporting
• Insert new section on the 5-step action plan
3 2.0 February 2020 Content amended to reflect the monitoring and assurance activities of VPS organisations and OVIC.Relevant content from V1.0 of the Framework is available under the VPDSF Resources section of the OVIC website.
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