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Attestation 2021

In 2021, Victorian public sector organisations are required to submit an Attestation, in which they attest to the continuation of information security activities outlined in their previous Protective Data Security Plan (PDSP).


The single-organisation Attestation form for 2021 is now available below. This form is suitable for those organisations that have not undergone significant change.

If you require a multi-organisation Attestation form, please contact the Information Security Unit at

Submissions are due to OVIC by 31 August 2021.

Significant change

For organisations that have undergone a significant change to their operating environment or information security risks (such as a restructure or Machinery of Government), they are required to notify OVIC and submit a full, out-of-cycle PDSP.

Read more information on significant change or contact the Information Security Unit by emailing

Attestation submission process

Submission Protocol Option 1 (Preferred)

Email your Attestation to:

Submission Protocol Option 2

Post your Attestation in a single opaque envelope with no protective marking labelled on the outside of the envelope to:
PO Box 24274
Melbourne VIC 3001

Submission Protocol Option 3: 

Hand deliver your Attestation to:
121 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3001

Please note: A prior appointment must be made with a member of the Information Security Unit.



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