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Proactive and informal release discussion paper

The Office of the Information Commissioner (OVIC) has published a discussion paper on Proactive and informal release in the Victorian public sector.


Proactive and informal release of information involves Victorian public sector agencies providing access to information outside of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (FOI Act), either proactively published or in response to a request.

Proactive and informal release are important information access mechanisms consistent with the object of the FOI Act. Releasing information proactively and informally allows the public to more easily access government information with less formality and expense than under the FOI Act.

By publishing this discussion paper, OVIC is seeking to better understand the practices and experiences of Victorian public sector agencies with proactive and informal release.

Discussion paper

Read Proactive and informal release of information in the Victorian public sector or download the PDF.

For further background, read OVIC’s practice notes on Proactive release of information and Informal release of information.


The discussion paper was published on OVIC’s website and Engage Victoria. Consultation on the discussion paper was open for a period of six weeks, from 16 March to 1 May 2020.

During this consultation period, OVIC received 15 submissions in total:

  • agency: 9
  • private sector: 2
  • other organisation: 3
  • member of public: 1

As part of the submission process, respondents were asked to indicate whether they consented to the publication of their submission. Seven respondents indicated their submissions could be published. Those submissions have been published accordingly and are listed below. All submissions have had personal information removed.

Victorian Ombudsman

City of Whittlesea

Mitchell Shire Council

Rights in Records by Design

Find & Connect

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria Inc.

Care Leavers Australasia Network

Next steps

OVIC will use the information received in submissions to explore how it can better assist agencies to proactively and informally release information to the public.

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