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Closer to the Machine: AI e-book

The public sector is increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to carry out its functions, develop and inform policy and deliver services to its citizens.

AI is a key focus for OVIC, given its growing prominence within the public sector and the broader community and the implications for privacy and other human rights.

OVIC collaborated with experts in the AI field to produce an e-book on Artificial Intelligence (AI) titled Closer to the Machine: Technical, social and legal aspects of AI. 

Co-authors of Closer to the Machine include Professor Toby Walsh (University of New South Wales and CSIRO’s Data61), Professor Richard Nock (Australian National University and CSIRO’s Data61), Associate Professor Ben Rubinstein (University of Melbourne), Katie Miller (Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission), Professor Margaret Jackson (RMIT), Dr Jake Goldenfein (Cornell Tech, Cornell University), Professor Fang Chen (University of Technology Sydney) and Dr Jianlong Zhou (University of Technology Sydney).

Chapters include:

  • Understanding AI;
  • A matter of perspective: discrimination, bias and inequality in AI;
  • Algorithmic transparency and decision-making accountability: 
    Thoughts for buying machine learning algoithms;
  • AI in the public interest;
  • Algorithms, neural networks and other machine learning techniques;
  • Data security and AI; and
  • Regulating AI. 

Read it or download your free copy here.

We’ve also published a blog post on the key themes of the book here.

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