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Local Government FOI Forum

OVIC will be holding the inaugural Local Government FOI Forum 2020 on Thursday 5 November from 10am - 1pm.

This online Forum aims to promote public transparency and integrity in the local government sector through greater public access to information. The session will address key operational, policy and legal issues experienced by local government agencies in the processing and handling of FOI requests, while providing local government agencies with timely guidance on providing proactive access to information under the LG Act and in conjunction with each council’s new Public Transparency Policy.

This session will include a Q&A panel discussion on 'Public Transparency and Integrity in Local Government'.


Q&A panel discussion


  • Joanne Kummrow, Public Access Deputy Commissioner, OVIC

OVIC collects your information when you register for events, and this meeting will be held on Microsoft Teams. Download the collection notices here.

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